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Lichen planus is an immune system condition that is ongoing and fiery in nature. The name lichen comes from a plant that develops for the most part on rocks and has an overgrown, web-like appearance. Lichen planus seems like red and white elegant fixes or opens sore, which creates a consuming uproar and torment. It’s not as of now known why this insusceptible reaction happens. There might be a few contributing elements, and each case is unique. Potential causes include:

  • viral diseases
  • allergens
  • stress
  • hereditary qualities

Once in a while lichen planus happens alongside immune system problems.

While it very well might be awkward, as a rule is certainly not a difficult condition. It’s additionally not infectious.

Nonetheless, there are a few uncommon varieties of the condition that might be significant and difficult.


Probably the most widely recognized side effects of lichen planus include:

  • purplish-shaded injuries or knocks with level tops on your skin or private parts
  • injuries that create and spread over the body for a very long time or a couple of months
  • tingling at the site of the rash, which generally shows up on the wrists, lower back, and lower legs
  • elegant white sores in the mouth, which might be excruciating or create a consuming uproar
  • rankles, which burst and become scabby
  • slight white lines over the rash



The most well-known sort of influences the skin. Throughout the span of half a month, sores show up and spread.

Lichen planus of the skin for the most part disappears on its own within 1 to 2 yearsTrusted Source.

Oral lichen planus can clear up within 5 yearsTrusted Source yet frequently returns. Assuming that the rash is brought about by prescription, it generally disappears once you’re done taking the medicine.

Other than the skin, mouth, or private parts, sores can happen in different regions. These may include:

  • mucous layers (like the throat)
  • nails
  • the scalp


Creates when your body goes after your skin or mucous film cells unintentionally. Specialists don’t know why this occurs, however, there’s proof qualities and ecological variables might assume a part.

Hereditary qualities

Research distributed in 2021 says specific elements highlight hereditary helplessness. This implies your qualities might make it almost certain for you to foster

In particular, can run in families and certain safe framework cells are connected to the condition.

Viral disease

Lichen planus may likewise be set off by a viral disease. A huge 2021 review found there’s a connection between hepatitis C contamination and ongoing incendiary skin sickness, including lichen planus. Other infections, for example, particular kinds of herpes infections, may likewise cause.

Natural variables

Certain natural elements may likewise cause the condition, including metal dental fillings and a few meds.

Who is in danger of lichen planus?

Lichen planus can happen in anybody, at whatever stage in life. However, there are sure factors that make certain individuals bound to foster the condition.

The skin type of lichen planus happens in the two genders similarly, yet females are bound to get the oral structure. It’s most normal in moderately aged individuals.


Other gamble factors incorporate having relatives who’ve had lichen planus, having a viral infection like hepatitis C, or being presented to specific synthetics that trigger the condition. These triggers might include:

  • anti-microbials
  • metals, similar to mercury, copper, and gold
  • diuretics
  • other medication

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