Asthama is also known as bronchial asthma it is a chronic respiratory disease in which a person’s airways inside the lungs become narrow and swell and it turns red due to this disease the airways swell even more and secret large amounts of mucus this condition makes a person trigger and it will be hard for coughing and wheezing and breathless.

What are the symptoms of asthma?



There are many symptoms of asthma. not everyone experiences all symptoms of asthma and they can be m mild to serious. some of the symptoms of asthma are as below:

  1. Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breathe
  2. 2. Pain in the chest or tightness chest became heavy
  3. wheezing when you breathe and out
  4. 4. Excessive coughing

What is the treatment for asthma

  1. There is no precise treatment for curing, therefore it is important to control it efficiently to avoid attacks.
  2. If you identify a condition with any of the symptoms, try to consult your doctor immediately and take major precautions it is recommended to consult a doctor directly and confirm with him/her if you have this disease or not.
  3. If you are sure you have asthma you should work with your doctor to conduct an action plan.
  4. Your doctor will tell you the treatment as a precaution for your to help control.


There are many factors of asthma, there are many triggers one of the reasons can be being exposed to elements such as :

  1. A respiratory infection such as the common cold.
  2. stress and anxiety
  3. Excessive physical activity
  4. Air pollutant
  • You will be at greater risk for asthma if u are suffering from these problems :
  1. you are overweight
  2. you are smoker
  3. you have any form of allergy
  4. you have a family history


How to prevent

  1. Keep away from chemicals and products that have earlier caused breathing problems.
  2. keep away from allergic things from dust
  3. Take allergic shots that protect the body against triggers
  4. take preventive precautions as the doctor prescribed.


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