Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is caused by a parasite, which is spread by the mosquito biting people who have malaria are going through high fever. there are four types of parasites 1.  Plasmodium vivaxP.2. ovaleP. malariae, and P. falciparum.

What is malaria?


Also, malaria is a very serious disease that was infected by a mosquito bite, mosquito effect parasites into your bloodstream, it is caused by parasites.

Malaria should be cured if did not cure it can create many health issues like brain damage.

What are the signs of malaria?

Additionally, These are the symptoms of malaria include:

  1. sweating and fever
  2. headache
  3. chest pain
  4. vomiting and diarrhea
  5. coma
  6. bloody stool
  7. nausea

Hence, if malaria gets worst it can cause jaundice ( yellowish eyes and body appearance) and anemia.

What do symptoms reflect if you are suffering

Also, the parasite is not caused any symptoms in the body after the mosquito bites but the parasites are active in your bloodstream and will get circulated in your body.

Certain individuals who have intestinal sickness experience patterns of jungle fever “assaults.” An assault as a rule begins with shuddering and chills, trailed by a high fever, trailed by perspiring, and getting back to ordinary temperature.

Nonetheless, a few sorts of jungle fever parasites can lie lethargic in your body for as long as a year.

How can I prevent ?

If you are traveling in any places where are the chances of mosquitoes, we can make many precautions to be away from malaria:

  1. Apply a mosquito repellent with a deed
  2. Always put netting on the bed
  3. Put some screens on your doors and windows
  4. Always wear long pants to prevent mosquito bites.

When to see a doctor?

If you are traveling in other countries you need immediately contact to your doctor for an appointment, because it will be worse if you don’t take good medications.

it will be good to take treatment to be away from malaria. always make your outside home containers clean so that there will be fewer chances of increasing numbers of mosquitoes in your locality.

Vaccine for Malaria

  • Hence, WHO {World health organization} has issued vaccines for malaria for the children who are living in vast numbers -of infected areas cases?

Uninfected mosquito. A mosquito becomes contaminated by benefiting from an individual who has intestinal sickness.
Transmission of the parasite. On the off chance that this mosquito messes with you, later on, it can communicate jungle fever parasites to you.
In the liver. When the parasites enter your body, they travel to your liver — where a few kinds can lie lethargic for up to a year.



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