Hearing that you have cancer is very stressful .it is the second leading cause of death in the world and also has the ability to spread all over the body cancer is a disease when cells in your body are at a faster rate than normal.

What are the four stages?

  1. Stage 1  Cancer is localized to a small area and hasn’t spread to lymph nodes or other tissues.
  2. stage 2 has grown, but it hasn’t spread.
  3. stage 3 has grown larger and has possibly spread to lymph nodes or other tissues.
  4. stage 4 has spread to other organs or areas of your body.



  1. Carcinoma. 
  2. sarcoma
  3. melanoma
  4. lymphoma
  5. leukemia



  1. Weight loss– it may cause weight loss
  2. Diarrhea or constipation -the treatment can affect your bowels and cause diarrhea or constipation.
  3. Chemical changes in your body. Cancer can upset the normal chemical balance in your body and increase your risk of serious complications. Signs and symptoms of chemical imbalances might include excessive thirst, frequent urination, constipation and confusion.

How do you know if you have cancer?

There are about 200 types of cancers that can cause many different symptoms some people have a higher risk of certain cancer. the risk of cervical cancer is very low in people of 25 age. it can grow into, or begin to push on nearby organs, blood vessels, and nerves. This pressure causes some of the signs and symptoms

  1. Fatigue or extreme tiredness that doesn’t get better with rest.
  2. ever or nights sweats
  3. Headaches
  4. Vision or hearing problems
  5. Mouth changes as a result of sores, bleeding, pain, or numbness

Is it dangerous?

You have to learn more about it and you get more about and get to know about the treatment of the disease don’t be panic and be confused just you have to be more confident in your doctor.

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