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Nicotine dependence

Nicotine dependence occurs when you want to stop it but cannot stop using it, nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that makes it hard to quit. it affects your brain fastly, but these effects are temporary


If you are using any type of smoking you are easily able to nicotine dependence signs that may be included:

  1. You cannot stop smoking
  2. You have withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop
  3. 3. health problems will increase rapidly
  4. you give up social activities


When to see a doctor

If you want to stop tobacco, you will not able to leave easily, for that you have to do lots of treatments plan which may help you to stop smoking, ask your doctor for a treatment plan he will advise you on how to stop smoking.https://stalkyourhealth.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=211&action=edit


Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that makes you smoke. nicotine reaches the brain very easily by taking a puff, nicotine release a brain chemical called neurotransmitters which make moods, behaviour regulates.

Common situations that trigger the urge to smoke include:

  1. Drinking coffee

2. Talking on the phone

3. Drinking alcohol

4. Spending time with friends.

It is a lethal poison and it can kill a person in less than an hour if it is injected into the bloodstream. Each cigarette contains very tiny amounts of nicotine that over time cause you to become addicted to cigarettes and causes many health problems.



Tobacco has lots of different chemical mixtures and thousands of harmful substances any herbal cigarette is also harmful

  1. Lung cancer, and lung disease

2. Heart and circulatory system disease

3. Diabetes

4. Cold, flu, and illness

5. Tooth and gum disease


The best way to prevent this is to stop using tobacco in the first place. parents also make children this habit by doing, what they teach from parents. quit smoking

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