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Traffic Rules

Whenever you are driving on road you should always follow the essential traffic rules every vehicle driver should know, and regulations the individual should take a good safe movement on the road. and one more important thing is you should always have a valid permit certificate for your vehicle to carry all your important certificates and documents with you. also buy a car insurance policy and make it active all the time.


What are the traffic rules?

we should understand the significant arrangements under the Act with the goal that we might follow them appropriately.

The traffic signs might be compulsory, for example, No Parking, No Entry, No Overtaking, Horn Prohibited, and so on.


Traffic rules

  1. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE: this is the first and the major rule don’t play with your life while drinking.

2. DO NOT DRIVE WITHOUT A PERMIT OF DRIVING LICENCE: a driving license is a government proof of identity of an individual the license is issued after we passed an exam from the RTO office.

3. ALWAYS CARRY A VALID INSURANCE POLICY: insurance is meant to protect might who had an accident caused by our fault. if we had an accident we can claim it from the insurance policy.

4. ALWAYS WEAR SEAT BELT AND HELMET: if you are traveling any the places always wear a good quality helmet so that u will be secure in an accident, and never forget to wear a seat belt in any high driving on road. for bike riders helmet is one of the main gadgets to wear it always follow the traffic rules

5. NEVER USE CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING: this could be more dangerous if you are using your cell phone while driving a vehicle. the government said that mobile phones make a person distracted while driving. speaking on the phone may cause an accident.

6. DO NOT OVER SPEED: whenever you are driving never try to over speed your vehicle speed it may cause very dangerous. therefore we should always drive within a speed or at a limited speed.

7. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE RED LIGHT: we should always stop while in the red light signals. we should not cross the red light while in traffic.

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